Friday, October 28, 2011

F5 - Netscaler - Cisco Load balancing Compare Chart

F5 rullz.

Compare Chart On L7 - L4 - Load balancing F5 RULLZ.!

Note = :)

Analysis - SYN Cookies

The BIG-IP 8800 generated 7.44 million SYN Cookies per second with 0% CPU utilization.

Citrix NetScaler was able to generate 1.74 million SYN Cookies per second at 100% utilization of the CPU which handles this traffi c,
an advantage of more than 4x for the BIG-IP 8800.

Adamlar açıkca belirtmiş.

How can these results be trusted, as a device vendor is running the tests?
All device confi gurations and any information required to reproduce the testing has been made publicly available. All of
the devices tested and equipment used in the test infrastructure are available on the open market. This allows any individual or
company to reproduce the test results that have been shown in this report. Additionally, it should be noted that for several tests
the performance results in this report match or are very near the performance claims from the vendors themselves. Parity with
vendor claims is a strong indication that these test results are valid for comparison.

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